Gourmet Exotic Burger Club - 9 Month Membership With Free Shippng

Gourmet Exotic Burger Club - 9 Month Membership  With Free Shippng
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Product Description

Eat Healthy and lean burgers Year Round with Our Monthly exotic burger Club


Welcome to our exotic burger Club and monthly gourmet exotic burger Club, where eating healthy can be as automatic as breathing. We endeavor to provide high quality, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No GMO's Lower in Saturated Fats & Cholesterol, Higher in Omega 3's, Higher in CLA, Gluten Free nutritious exotic burgers, delivered right to your door step.

We also endeavor to provide superior client service to our exotic burger club members, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can call us right away. Unlike so many other companies today, who reroute their calls to a foreign call center, when you call our phones you get real people, right here in the United States that will help you with all your questions.

If you are not totally satisfied with your monthly exotic burger Club, you can return it within seven days of receipt for a full, no questions asked refund. Our butchers have the most delicious, healthiest exotic burger on around the globe.

We offer a wide variety of delicious exotic burgers that spans the entire globe, and touches almost all major continents. It does not matter if you simply want alligator, bison,, deer or Kangaroo; you are bound to fall in love our exotic burger club.

All real natural grass fed exotic burgers every month and nothing else, makes these unparalleled exotic burger club. Completely free from seasoning, cook these like you would a exotic meat. We don't add any fat, preservatives or anything else.

100% pure meat no additives

coarsely chopped for a meaty texture

Season and cook as you would like your exotic meat


Month Exotic Burger Club
January 12 ( 4 oz.) Bison Burgers
February 12 (4 oz.) Venison Burgers
March 12 ( 4 oz.) Ostrich Burgers
April 12 ( 4 oz.) Buffalo Burgers
May 12 ( 4 oz.) wagyu Kobe Beef Burgers
June 12 ( 4 oz.) Elk Burgers
July 12 ( 4 oz.) Antelope Burgers
August 12 ( 4 oz.) Wild Boar Burgers
September 12 ( 4 oz.)Alligator Burgers
October 12 ( 4 oz.)Deer Burgers
November 12 ( 4 oz.) manager Specials
December 12 ( 4 oz.) Alligator Burgers