Bolivian Crocodile Tenderloin Meat / 16 oz.

Bolivian Crocodile Tenderloin Meat / 16 oz.
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Product Description

Bolivian Crocodile Tenderloin Meat - 16 oz.

Boneless Bolivian crocodile meat is a very beautiful, fair, and almost white in color. Our Crocodile meat it is an exceptionally tender, juicy meat.

• It’s low in fat and cholesterol but very high in protein.

• It isn't for everyone but people’s opinions can vary dramatically, some say it tastes like chicken, crab or even pork! We think you have to try it.

• It is one of our favorites and we'd love you to give it a try too! Taste: Light in flavor; similar texture to chicken but with a delicate flavor.

• This is one meat that will have everyone talking!

crocodile are raised as naturally as possible. NO growth hormones, steroids or drug residues reside in crocodile meat, For today’s health conscious consumer, crocodile meat is the natural choice for healthy eating, Discover for yourself why crocodile meat is becoming a leading culinary trend in U.S.A.