Kangaroo 2 Lbs Boneless Loin Fillets

Kangaroo  2 Lbs Boneless Loin Fillets
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Kangaroo  2 Lbs Boneless Loin Fillets
Kangaroo, which is a deep red meat, very like ostrich and venison, and also carries the same healthy properties Kangaroo meat is ideal for maintaining a balanced diet. Kangaroo meat is low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein and minerals. It is considered one of the finest game meats. Its growing appeal stems from its well-flavored, slightly gamey taste. Kangaroo meat contains very little saturated fat relative to other meats and is high in protein, zinc and iron

• Kangaroo meat is approved by the Australian Heart Foundation due to its extremely low levels of fat, high levels of protein, iron, zinc and omega 3's.

• The meat is tender, succulent and completely delicious!

• Kangaroo meat can be substituted in many of your favourite recipes for a healthy alternative, try some today!

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Kangaroo meat with NO growth hormones, steroids or drug residues reside in our Kangaroo meat, For today’s health conscious consumer, Kangaroo meat is the natural choice for healthy eating, Discover for yourself why Kangaroo meat is becoming a leading recognized culinary trend.