Organic Lamb Burgers - 12 Burgers 4 oz. Each

Organic Lamb Burgers - 12 Burgers 4 oz. Each
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Product Description

Organic Lamb Burgers - 12 Burgers 4 oz. 100% Grass-Fed, No added Antibiotics, No Added Preservatives, No Added Hormones and No added Promotions.

Our unique environment with careful management of the land and animals are what set us apart from others. We take great pride in making this exceptional product available to the market. Ensuring good animal health and welfare is our priority for Exotic Meat Market. We are committed to the highest levels of animal welfare and the humane treatment of livestock using and promoting low-stress handling techniques. Our Certified Organic Dorper lambs are not do not have chemicals used for lice and fly protection applied to them.

Our Certified Organic Dorper do not grow wool that requires physical handling and repeated chemical applications to ensure the animals wellbeing. Our Certified Organic lambs are raised using leading welfare practices, which guarantee a healthy stress-free animal.