Ostrich Burgers - 4 Burgers - 4 Oz. Each - $19.99 Per Lb.

Ostrich Burgers - 4 Burgers - 4 Oz. Each - $19.99 Per Lb.
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Ostrich Burges is not only very tasty, it is also very lean and contains less then 2% fat The color is bright red. Ostrich is sold in Ostrich Steak/Fillet, Ostrich burgers and Ostrich Roast.

As shown on Gordon Ramsay's THE WORD, this is such a deliciously succulent red meat - an ideal way to enjoy a big juicy steak and still look after your health!


Ostrich meat is a fantastic low fat, low cholesterol healthy alternative to traditional meats.

•Our meats are succulent, tender, flavorsome and delicious.

•People are turning to Exotic meats as part of a health conscious yet delicious diet.

•They’re a healthy low cholesterol, high protein, free range natural delight that will satisfy your taste buds.

 • A selection of top quality of Ostrich meat.

• Skillfully cut by master butchers

• Highly trimmed by our expert butchers

• No artificial colorings, flavorings’ or preservatives

• Professionally shock frozen straight after production to lock in the flavor.

• Completely low fat  so perfect for anyone, anytime.

• Inspected by USDA veterinarians to assure each animal is in perfect health.

 •Buy wild game meats.com giving you assurance that all of the products arrive with you at our extremely high standards.